Balkans on the eve of the imperialist war

antiratni03-01  All preparations for the imperialist war to start are in the final stage. On the one side Western imperialism led by the US, and, on the other side, the Russian and Chinese imperialists and their allies. However, a secret pact between the imperialists right before the conflict is not excluded, as it had already happened before the Second World War. Nowadays, the imperialists made a further step; they fight each other in different countries’ territories, competing to sell more of their arms to everyone involved in the war. The ideology is not important at all, and the imperialists will not hesitate to make the most reactionary decisions. We can only speculate about the form of the war in the next stage, but it is apparent that the conflict cannot be stopped.

  A major conflict is approaching, and it is only a matter of time before the current conflicts turn into a new phase.

  The question is what kind of attitude to take in this escalating conflict because it is not only about the fate of hundreds of millions of people but perhaps the human kind as such.

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Solidarity with political prisoners

01   The activists of the Party of Labour performed an action of solidarity with political prisoners in Spain. The members of the International Brigades in Rojava were arrested in Spain for their part in the fight against ISIS. On 26 January, police raided at least 11 apartments and workplaces in several cities. Roberto Vaquero, a member of the PML (RC), was held in detention on charges of cooperation with terrorist organizations. This shows that revolution in Rojava has its influence in Spain, the fear of revolution that goes beyond the Middle East.
   Example of international struggle in Rojava and revived spirit of Spanish international brigade is something new that gives hope to re-strengthen the international solidarity, which is so necessary in divided Balkan.

Freedom for political prisoners!
Freedom for Robert!
In solidarity with the struggle of the international brigade!

Support in justified struggle

05   Activists of the Party of Labout continued solidarity propaganda activities with the justified struggle of the Kurdish people for their freedom. At the same time these activities are support for the unity of the Kurdish and Turkish revolutionary movement.
  Campaign was in front of the Turkish Embassy in Belgrade.
  Silence in front of the terror of the Turkish regime against the Kurdish people is capitulation to the onslaught of fascism, not only in Turkey but also in Europe and in the Balkans. This silence and capitulation itself is dictated by the objectives of imperialists (US, Europe and Russia), who in pursuing our own interests do not to stop it. The right to the use of force, negotiation at the expense of other small nations, mass crimes and destruction for them is something they have for granted; therefore these global terrorists no longer feel the need to justify their actions to anyone. And so is the silence for this policy of global terrorists are not only an expression of hypocrisy or cowardice, but standing on the side of these modern fascists and villains.
  Not all are silent, many raise their voice opposition to such policies of the Turkish regime. Raise their voices in Turkey itself, resistance is growing fascism. The resistance comes not only from the revolutionary organizations, but also of all free thinking people and the oppressed classes…
  The latest integration of the Turkish and Kurdish revolutionary movement is caused by the need to survive against the onslaught of the brutal forces of the Turkish regime, but also a direct result of the very long historical process.
  Since the power of the revolutionary movement in Turkey, Kurdistan and the Middle East will infuence on the speed of building a revolutionary movement in the Balkans and that means the fate of the Balkan resistance. Therefore, the task of all those who call themselves leftists to clearly support the struglle of the Turkish and Kurdish revolutionaries. Those who are silent, practiced the "more important" issues and not to undertake minimum activities to support this struggle and to create conditions for strengthening the Balkan resistance movements, they have taken their side. In other words, they are on the opposite side of the barricades.

Long live the unity trurskog and Kurdish revolutionary movement!
The Balkan resistance!

International solidarity: Kobane solidarity campaing

Kampanja-rojava-malo-01  The creation of new social relations in Rojava should be welcomed internationally by all progressive movements in the world.

  Kobane has become a symbol of resistance which can be compared to the defense of Spain or the Battle of Stalingrad in the last century. Kobane represents a decisive break with the old world order, the turning point from which further evil must be fought. It is a bright example for all other progressive forces in the world to fight against fascism, the dictatorship of capital, imperialism and patriarchy.

  Today, Kobane needs international solidarity and support. It is devastated and destroyed by war. People of Kobane need urgent help – financial, material assistance as well as helping the brigades for reconstruction. It is important to support already established international brigades for infrastructure rebuilding – it includes providing help in hospitals, schools, cultural institutions…

 Be a member of international brigades!

 Support the development of new social relations in Rojava!


  Join the campaign: help, publish news, spread posters, create graffiti, join the upcoming protest! Apply and join the international brigades!

For more information, please visit:

Central Statement 150913

Bilten-logo  PR has already been attacking the ideological position of SYRIZA due to its
devastating impact on Greece's impoverished masses. PR has supported those forces
that clearly distanced themselves from SYRIZA, or actively conducted propaganda in
Greek masses against the reformist position and capitulating.

  However, the PR considers that this ideological battle against SYRIZA is already
won, primarily due to the very practice of SYRIZA so far. On the other hand, the battle
against reformism in the Greek Left movement is not won. And it is not only a situation
in Greek Left movement.
  Moreover, the PR considers that the Greek left parties which declaratively stand
on revolutionary positions went a step back concerning the upcoming elections.
  This step back has already been made during the previous referendum when the left
parties were not sufficiently engaged in mobilization of the masses and strengthening
the opposition to SYRIZA. Now they go one further step back by participating in the
upcoming elections.

  In the current situation when the war and conflicts are approaching the Balkans,
and particularly when the parliamentary life in Greece suffered a complete defeat,
whereas the will of the people means nothing for the ruling elite, who are only servants
of big capital, any participation in the parliamentary life is nothing but capitulation
before the class enemy and imperialism.

  We believe that the decision of all those so called revolutionary organizations to
participate in these elections, is a capitulation and the direct continuation of SYRIZA
position and politics.

  PR strongly believes that there is no need for any propaganda to boycott the
elections, but only to act against the elections. And that there would be a part of the
Greek masses to support that call.

  A new fascism is rising, the alliances between imperialists are getting stronger,
the conflicts between them are already happening, while the masses started to rise up
all over the world. Therefore, those who identify themselves as revolutionaries and
communists must not advocate and support the action within and by the rules of
bourgeois parliamentary system, but they should direct masses and lead them to
oppose the system instead. Otherwise, this is not considered only a defeat, but also
historically wrong and it opens the opportunity of joining masses to fascist parties.

Solidarity with SGDF and the victims in Suruç

sgdf-logo  We (Party of Labour) express deep sorrow over the tragic deaths of our comrades in Suruç who attempted to show international solidarity and to lend a hand in rebuilding efforts.

  The massacre was carried out by the increasing reactionary forces we must fight. Fighting against these forces also means fighting against those who support them.

  We believe that all progressive forces must resolutely support the struggle for justice in Rojava regardless of  nationalities.

  International solidarity that our comrades wanted to show in reality is a duty of all people fighting for a more righteous world and we must continue to do so.


Solidarity Pact of ICOR with the Kurdish liberation struggle



A solidarity pact between ICOR and the Kurdish liberation struggleimplies a self-obligation of ICOR and all signing member organizations.

A suitable form of organization for putting it into practice are solidarity committees at the international, national and down to the local level, starting from a central solidarity committee. In these, revolutionaries and anti-imperialists and all others who are selflessly supporting the Kurdish liberation struggle shall unite. This follows the basic idea of ICOR to collaborate at the practical level wherever possible, instead of distancing oneself from one another above all and defining oneself by political differences.

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Young, Beautiful, Smart and Aspiring Defeatists.

S8  During the cold war and the divide of Europe a great ideological and propagandist struggle was waged. The socialist camp, believing in the fast onset of the next stage of socialist revolution, tried through the communist parties to prepare the masses for these events, while Western imperialism, through modern revisionism, wanted to undermine the very ideological basis of the communist parties. Western imperialism had been quite successful in this field. Modern revisionism slowly spread through the bureaucratic structures of the ossified communist parties of the socialist block, all the while Western communist parties began to roam in their ideological orientation.

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Support revolutionary Kobane, get into action!


Joint declaration of revolutionary parties that attended the 20th anniversary of MLCP.

  Since the 15th September, roughly a month ago, the people of Kobane resists the attacks of the ISIS gangs. The panislamic organization ISIS grew rapidly in the reactionary civil war of Syria. Turkey's AKP government, the kings of Saudi Arabia and Jordan, the United Arab Emirates, the USA and the European imperialists allowed this reactionary civil war to escalate with the intention to bring down the Syrian regime. They provided support in form dozens of millions of dollars, dozens of millions of heavy weapons, training of combatants and training camps.

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May Day

1_maj_2014_7 1_maj_2014_5

 The struggle of the masses against the dictatorship of capital is spreading, but in response the regime is increasing the level of repression and showing its readiness to defend capitalism by all means.

   This year’s May Day protests show that the dissatisfied and disenfranchised masses around the world are well aware of their class position. However, the power of imperialism and the dictatorship of capital assist the ruling class in furthering their dictatorship, by provoking new wars and conflicts between nations. This is in fact the very condition for the maintaining of capitalism –increasing the intensity of their dictatorship along with the provoking of and waging new wars.

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