Balkans on the eve of the imperialist war

antiratni03-01  All preparations for the imperialist war to start are in the final stage. On the one side Western imperialism led by the US, and, on the other side, the Russian and Chinese imperialists and their allies. However, a secret pact between the imperialists right before the conflict is not excluded, as it had already happened before the Second World War. Nowadays, the imperialists made a further step; they fight each other in different countries’ territories, competing to sell more of their arms to everyone involved in the war. The ideology is not important at all, and the imperialists will not hesitate to make the most reactionary decisions. We can only speculate about the form of the war in the next stage, but it is apparent that the conflict cannot be stopped.

  A major conflict is approaching, and it is only a matter of time before the current conflicts turn into a new phase.

  The question is what kind of attitude to take in this escalating conflict because it is not only about the fate of hundreds of millions of people but perhaps the human kind as such.

  PR strongly believes that no revolutionary could stay aside and declare a "neutral position", but a position that opens up the opportunity for a better world. And this is not about the power of this revolutionary subject and what is its role in these conflicts, but a principle according to which we should act.

  The main disadvantage of Western imperialism was that their temporary advantage in military potential needed to be filled with military personnel in the field. NATO managed to accomplish two important strategic objectives: to take full military control near the borders of Russian imperialism and to gain as allies several million troops against Russian imperialism to wage war "to the last Ukrainians, Poles, Moldavians, Estonians …". At the same time, the Western imperialists ultimately do not allow any country in Europe to take a neutral position in a future conflict, and forced them to become members of NATO. Russian imperialists have significantly raised the power of their military potential and they managed to achieve strategic targets in Syria, Ukraine, but they have several key weakness – military capacity is slightly lower compared to the Western imperialists; there are some economic problems, fewer soldiers in relation to NATO and the internal problems within their ranks. So the future of Russian imperialism, and even the ability to prevent division of its territory by the proven civilization vultures, depends a lot on their allies, primarily China and other countries. But, mass movements around the world should not be neglected when conflicts among the imperialists escalates.

  What is the position and the role of the Balkans in the future imperialist war?

  The Balkans is important for Western imperialism, not only for NATO to have the total control and thus completely suppresses the Russian imperialists in the Balkans, but also for the regional Turkish imperialism that can play a significant role during the conflict of the biggest imperialist powers. And here we come to the basic contradictions, which do not benefit the Western imperialists. All Balkan countries, however declarative were for an alliance with the western imperialists against Russian imperialism, are faced with the masses who are not ready to follow the politics of puppet regimes in their countries, especially to die on behalf of the Western imperialists all over the Russian plains. That is why Western imperialism gave the role for Turkey's regional imperialism is to put the Balkans under their control and further "pacify" any resistance to Western imperialism in the fight against Russian imperialism and also to strengthen Turkey's imperial interests. Western imperialism is now forced to make concessions to the Turkish regional imperialism. However, the contradictions in Turkish society, and the attempt to put the military coup in Turkey completely under the control of the western imperialists and not to let them make allies with Russian imperialism, makes Balkan region more explosive.

  The key question for further event in the Balkans – is it possible to have at the same time conflicts and temporary "coexistence" of opposing economic interests of imperialists in this Balkan “powder keg", like in Ukraine and Syria, and that this does not lead to a general conflict?

  What is the task of all revolutionaries in the Balkans?

  First of all, a strong position against all imperialists, that means: Western, Russian, Turkish…

  This position is at first the weakest one, because the masses are put in a position to further serve Western, Russian or Turkish imperialists, by their will or by brutal force imposed, thinking that they will not bear the consequences in the course of history. Although modern wars require high technology and less relying on military personnel in direct conflict, it is necessary to maintain imposed order, which in turn facilitates maneuvering position to liberation movements. And so we learn from this history of the struggle of the liberation movements, both past and present, as well as from their more intense fighting around the world. We know that this is the only position that opens up the prospect of not only the Balkan peoples, but also helps strengthen the contradictions among the imperialists. This position further complicates their politics of enslavements. Every voice of support to the Balkan resistance movements brings additional confusion in the ranks of the servant of the imperialists, and every soldier in the ranks of the movement requires involvement of dozens of soldiers. Bearing that in mind, Balkans could again become a point that substantially complicates the strategic interests of the imperialists. The failure of Western imperialism on the main front to break and defeat Russia and the Russian imperialism, would directly speed up the chain of social revolution throughout Western Europe and the United States and open a perspective for the new revolt of the Russian and the Chinese proletariat.

  That is our policy. These are our goals.

  Against the imperialist war!

  Peace among the people – the war between the classes!

  Balkan for the Balkan people!

  With Balkan Resistance movement!