Statement of Partija rada 190106

Activities at the 3rd Congress of PR have been concluded.

The ideological line has been determined, as well as the PR ideological and organizational principles, certain specific tasks have been specified and the new leadership of the party has been elected for the next period.


Ideological line of PR

Centralization and concentration of capital with the goal of putting the whole world under control has come into contradiction with the development of productive forces. This centralization and the present technology level are an obstacle for the further functioning of capitalism, or for further development of humanity in existing social relations. Capitalism has lost the ability to overcome its cyclical crises and to delay its collapse. These crises are fundamental and permanent.

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PR opinion – Macedonia on a crossroad

makedonija i grcka 01  Communists have long taken a clear stand on the Macedonian national question and their right to defend their independence and name. Every attempt by Bulgarian, Greek and Serbian nationalists to deny the existence of a Macedonian nation was condemned. Even today communists condemn all attempts by the Balkan regimes to try to achieve their petty chauvinistic interests at the expense of the people of Macedonia, fighting on the side of imperialists.

  The question of choosing the name for the country in which to live is the question of which answer can be given only by its citizens.

  The existing agreement reached by the governments of Macedonia and Greece over the name is formally in the interest of the peoples of these countries, but it is essentially brought under the dictation of imperialists and their current interests. Of course, this dictatorship continues to pursue the rights of the Macedonian, Albanian and other masses.

  It is completely unacceptable to use the coming referendum so that the people of Macedonia officially recognize the occupation of the NATO Pact and the EU imperialists.

  We support all the progressive forces that are fighting for the freedom of Macedonia and Greece, against the NATO forces and all imperialists. It is the duty of all to break of the myth that the Balkan peoples can not resist these forces. The unity of the people of Macedonia, Greece and other peoples in the Balkans can not be built under covert chauvinism, neither under the dictates of the imperialists or the placing under the NATO boot. Only the united and equal peoples of the Balkans can free themselves from the dictatorship of capital and imperialism.

  For the unity of the Balkan peoples in resistance to imperialism!

  With Balkan resistance movement!

Central Statement 150913

Bilten-logo  PR has already been attacking the ideological position of SYRIZA due to its
devastating impact on Greece's impoverished masses. PR has supported those forces
that clearly distanced themselves from SYRIZA, or actively conducted propaganda in
Greek masses against the reformist position and capitulating.

  However, the PR considers that this ideological battle against SYRIZA is already
won, primarily due to the very practice of SYRIZA so far. On the other hand, the battle
against reformism in the Greek Left movement is not won. And it is not only a situation
in Greek Left movement.
  Moreover, the PR considers that the Greek left parties which declaratively stand
on revolutionary positions went a step back concerning the upcoming elections.
  This step back has already been made during the previous referendum when the left
parties were not sufficiently engaged in mobilization of the masses and strengthening
the opposition to SYRIZA. Now they go one further step back by participating in the
upcoming elections.

  In the current situation when the war and conflicts are approaching the Balkans,
and particularly when the parliamentary life in Greece suffered a complete defeat,
whereas the will of the people means nothing for the ruling elite, who are only servants
of big capital, any participation in the parliamentary life is nothing but capitulation
before the class enemy and imperialism.

  We believe that the decision of all those so called revolutionary organizations to
participate in these elections, is a capitulation and the direct continuation of SYRIZA
position and politics.

  PR strongly believes that there is no need for any propaganda to boycott the
elections, but only to act against the elections. And that there would be a part of the
Greek masses to support that call.

  A new fascism is rising, the alliances between imperialists are getting stronger,
the conflicts between them are already happening, while the masses started to rise up
all over the world. Therefore, those who identify themselves as revolutionaries and
communists must not advocate and support the action within and by the rules of
bourgeois parliamentary system, but they should direct masses and lead them to
oppose the system instead. Otherwise, this is not considered only a defeat, but also
historically wrong and it opens the opportunity of joining masses to fascist parties.

Support revolutionary Kobane, get into action!


Joint declaration of revolutionary parties that attended the 20th anniversary of MLCP.

  Since the 15th September, roughly a month ago, the people of Kobane resists the attacks of the ISIS gangs. The panislamic organization ISIS grew rapidly in the reactionary civil war of Syria. Turkey's AKP government, the kings of Saudi Arabia and Jordan, the United Arab Emirates, the USA and the European imperialists allowed this reactionary civil war to escalate with the intention to bring down the Syrian regime. They provided support in form dozens of millions of dollars, dozens of millions of heavy weapons, training of combatants and training camps.

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  The rampaging fascists, who were assisted by the western imperialists in their overthrow of the corrupt government in Ukraine, only showed the rising contradiction between Western and Russian imperialism.

  The competition between the imperialists as well as the corrupt government, led Ukraine into an almost hopeless situation, and made the already poor people even poorer. Now the masses of Ukraine call for inter-ethnic conflict and thus this will become the means by which the imperialists will attempt to pursue their interests.

  Staying true to its internationalist principles, PR supports the struggle of the Ukrainian proletariat to gather its strength and begin to lead a more active struggle against fascist and nationalist puppet governments and to equally resist both Western and Russian imperialism.

For peace among the people of Ukraine!

Death of Western and Russian imperialists!

Long live free, workers Ukraine!

Down with the fascist dictatorship in Turkey!

protesti_turska_2    Standing up in dozens of cities for dignity, justice and freedom you wrote a new heroic epic. You paved the way on which future generations will advance proudly. With steps treading on the fear you crossed the Bosphorus Bridge on the this morning in June, conquered the Taksim Square and showed the police of the dictatorship once more that it cannot stop the people which became one single fist. Without caring for the fascist laws, gas, water cannons, truncheons and gas bombs, despite the risk that there will be martyrs, injured and detentions you liberated the banned squares one by one and brought joy to the peoples of the whole region.

    Your uprising is great, brave and dignified. Your uprising is a resounding slap against the tyranny, arbitrariness and arrogance of the dictatorship and the government. Your uprising is a convulsing outcry against injustice, oppression, scorn, the attack on your dignity, poverty and work killings. Your uprising is a bold challenge of the state massacres, the executions by shootings by the police, torture, insults at the police station and on the street as well as of the anti-people laws and banns.

    Advance your just struggle towards the Union of People's Republics, which will provide freedom of assembly, press, organisation and action as well as equality of the peoples. Open the doors for your liberation.

Down with tyranny and enslaving laws!

Down with police terror!

Forward for dignity, justice and freedom!


Oppinion of PR

antinato  PR repeats its views given in 1999. at the time of NATO's attack on Serbia and Montenegro. In its positions is that the attack ended wars in the former Yugoslavia started the nineties of the twentieth century, broken aggressive nationalism power in Serbia enabled the Albanian people in Kosovo to free of domination from the regime in Belgrade. At the same time the NATO intervention came to rounding up of its presence in the Balkans. NATO attack was at that historic moment in the interest of the people of the former Yugoslavia, as there was no force created by its people that would stop a ten-year of destruction, crime, misery, and the exodus of the people rampaging gangs and paramilitary force of nationalist regime.

   PR says that the arrival of NATO in the Balkans was in the service of protecting the puppet regime from the revolt of the masses and neocolonial position to Western imperialism.

   One of the main goals of PR to lead an active propaganda against the presence of NATO forces and other institutions of imperialism in the Balkans, and to take other actions in order to create Anti-imperialism resistance of the Balkan peoples.

Oppinion of PR

bil-dec07-001  While the country is on the edge of bankruptcy, the rulers of Serbia, thinking that the time is right, raise the question of the autonomy of Vojvodina. Re-open the issue of autonomy of Vojvodina is a continuation of the policy of Great Serbia from the nineties in other circumstances. Bringing up nationalist passions in the "empty house" would only draw attention from the breakdown from official policy on Kosovo and so-called European integration. With this they wish to use, and also to prevent or postpone, massive outbursts of social discontent in the cities of Serbia.

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Oppinion of PR

Bilten-logo    The appearance of Marxist-Leninist groups and parties in Europe during the seventies of last century was a reaction to the military expansionism of Western imperialism, breaking with the Soviet Union revisionism and support of the Chinese Cultural Revolution. These parties had preserved Marxist-Leninist theories in an extremely hard condition in Europe.

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PR about Kosovo

  From the time of its foundation, PR supported struggle of Albanian people in Kosovo for self-determination.

  After the NATO intervention, there was a break of great-serbian nationalism and both Serbia and Kosovo were placed under domination of Western forces.

  Political elites of both Belgrade and Prishtina still use the "Kosovo issue" as part of their own internal political propaganda. Belgrade regime uses its refusal to acknowledge the existance of independent Kosovo to channel the mass dissatisfaction in different direction, balancing between nationalism and pleasing of Western imperialists. Ultimate goal of Belgrade system in Kosovo negotiations is not regaining it back, because they know it's impossible, but strenghtening their own position in the region. Keeping the Kosovo issue at status quo and prolonging of the inevitable decision to start bilateral relationship with state of Kosovo is, in their opinion, a card that can be proven useful for them in the long run.

  Albanian elites know that establishing bilateral relationship with Belgrade is a long process, but also find status quo useful for their current position, because it is harder for the masses to channel their rage against imperialism as long there is a threat from Belgrade, no matter how minor the chances of escalating are. But a difficult ecomomic situation in Kosovo, backed by mass unemployment is forcing Kosovo political elites to strenghten their influence throughout whole state of Kosovo, for which they don't find support with their imperialist bosses, because by strenghtening their posistion, status of American protectorate weakens.

  Puppet regimes of both Belgrade and Prishitina know that neither side has the military power of making radical moves in this situation, especially without support of their imperialist mentors. Escalating the conflict is not in Western interest either, because the conflict could raise some important issues in the Balkans, and may cause them to lose their stronghold in this region.

  Serbian and Albanian masses, crippled by their own economic problems, are not ready for new conflicts and are ready for cooperation. But, because of weakness of the revolutionary subject in both countries, we cannot use the dissatisfaction of the masses. Nationalistic and neoliberal concience are currently a lot stronger that proletarian. Every awakening of the working class is immediately destroyed by the ruling class, corrupted unions and their media. But, crisis of capitalism cause raise of both fascism and antifascism and a possibility of imperialism's use of fascism is a concern over the future of the possible conflicts between Serbia and Kosovo.

  PR thinks that brotherhood between Serbian and Albanian people cannot be established within the current system, but only after the defeat of imperialism in this region. PR is for peace between two countries, and condemns both Sebian nationalistic hordes in Kosovo and Albanian nationalists, who think their full self-determination can only be established by ethnic clean Albanian Kosovo.

  PR supports right of Kosovo people to determine for themselves what they want, if it's living as a indepentend country or union with Albania. But, we support full equality withing every nation living in Kosovo. That equality cannon be established in current situation, with Belgrade regime interfering in imperialist-run Kosovo. That can only be established by radical shift of attitude of both Kosovo and Serbia.

  Quote "All Albanians in one country" is fascist and backwards for Albanian masses, in the same ammount as "All Serbs in one county" is for Serbian people.

For unity and brotherhood of Serbian and Albanian people!

For union of Balkan countries!

Long live the anti-imprerialist movement of Balkan people!