Solidarity with political prisoners

01   The activists of the Party of Labour performed an action of solidarity with political prisoners in Spain. The members of the International Brigades in Rojava were arrested in Spain for their part in the fight against ISIS. On 26 January, police raided at least 11 apartments and workplaces in several cities. Roberto Vaquero, a member of the PML (RC), was held in detention on charges of cooperation with terrorist organizations. This shows that revolution in Rojava has its influence in Spain, the fear of revolution that goes beyond the Middle East.
   Example of international struggle in Rojava and revived spirit of Spanish international brigade is something new that gives hope to re-strengthen the international solidarity, which is so necessary in divided Balkan.

Freedom for political prisoners!
Freedom for Robert!
In solidarity with the struggle of the international brigade!

Support in justified struggle

05   Activists of the Party of Labout continued solidarity propaganda activities with the justified struggle of the Kurdish people for their freedom. At the same time these activities are support for the unity of the Kurdish and Turkish revolutionary movement.
  Campaign was in front of the Turkish Embassy in Belgrade.
  Silence in front of the terror of the Turkish regime against the Kurdish people is capitulation to the onslaught of fascism, not only in Turkey but also in Europe and in the Balkans. This silence and capitulation itself is dictated by the objectives of imperialists (US, Europe and Russia), who in pursuing our own interests do not to stop it. The right to the use of force, negotiation at the expense of other small nations, mass crimes and destruction for them is something they have for granted; therefore these global terrorists no longer feel the need to justify their actions to anyone. And so is the silence for this policy of global terrorists are not only an expression of hypocrisy or cowardice, but standing on the side of these modern fascists and villains.
  Not all are silent, many raise their voice opposition to such policies of the Turkish regime. Raise their voices in Turkey itself, resistance is growing fascism. The resistance comes not only from the revolutionary organizations, but also of all free thinking people and the oppressed classes…
  The latest integration of the Turkish and Kurdish revolutionary movement is caused by the need to survive against the onslaught of the brutal forces of the Turkish regime, but also a direct result of the very long historical process.
  Since the power of the revolutionary movement in Turkey, Kurdistan and the Middle East will infuence on the speed of building a revolutionary movement in the Balkans and that means the fate of the Balkan resistance. Therefore, the task of all those who call themselves leftists to clearly support the struglle of the Turkish and Kurdish revolutionaries. Those who are silent, practiced the "more important" issues and not to undertake minimum activities to support this struggle and to create conditions for strengthening the Balkan resistance movements, they have taken their side. In other words, they are on the opposite side of the barricades.

Long live the unity trurskog and Kurdish revolutionary movement!
The Balkan resistance!

International solidarity: Kobane solidarity campaing

Kampanja-rojava-malo-01  The creation of new social relations in Rojava should be welcomed internationally by all progressive movements in the world.

  Kobane has become a symbol of resistance which can be compared to the defense of Spain or the Battle of Stalingrad in the last century. Kobane represents a decisive break with the old world order, the turning point from which further evil must be fought. It is a bright example for all other progressive forces in the world to fight against fascism, the dictatorship of capital, imperialism and patriarchy.

  Today, Kobane needs international solidarity and support. It is devastated and destroyed by war. People of Kobane need urgent help – financial, material assistance as well as helping the brigades for reconstruction. It is important to support already established international brigades for infrastructure rebuilding – it includes providing help in hospitals, schools, cultural institutions…

 Be a member of international brigades!

 Support the development of new social relations in Rojava!


  Join the campaign: help, publish news, spread posters, create graffiti, join the upcoming protest! Apply and join the international brigades!

For more information, please visit:

Solidarity with SGDF and the victims in Suruç

sgdf-logo  We (Party of Labour) express deep sorrow over the tragic deaths of our comrades in Suruç who attempted to show international solidarity and to lend a hand in rebuilding efforts.

  The massacre was carried out by the increasing reactionary forces we must fight. Fighting against these forces also means fighting against those who support them.

  We believe that all progressive forces must resolutely support the struggle for justice in Rojava regardless of  nationalities.

  International solidarity that our comrades wanted to show in reality is a duty of all people fighting for a more righteous world and we must continue to do so.


May Day

1_maj_2014_7 1_maj_2014_5

 The struggle of the masses against the dictatorship of capital is spreading, but in response the regime is increasing the level of repression and showing its readiness to defend capitalism by all means.

   This year’s May Day protests show that the dissatisfied and disenfranchised masses around the world are well aware of their class position. However, the power of imperialism and the dictatorship of capital assist the ruling class in furthering their dictatorship, by provoking new wars and conflicts between nations. This is in fact the very condition for the maintaining of capitalism –increasing the intensity of their dictatorship along with the provoking of and waging new wars.

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There is no one to lead the dissatisfied masses in their struggle!

tuzla_protest_5 tuzla_protest_7tuzla_protest_6  tuzla_protest_8

   After two decades spent in poverty, war, and hunger the working masses of Bosnia and Herzegovina finally stood up against oppression and joined the millions of enslaved people who are fighting for their rights all over the world. After a long period of rampant nationalism, which capitalists and war profiteers used for personal enrichment by looting of the once state-owned property, the masses were brought into poverty and misery. While the masses starve and suffer in poverty, those who got rich on the disaster worry about only one thing – how to increase their capital.

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Day of International Solidarity with the Taksim Prisoners


protest_ambasada_2  protest_ambasada_3

  Members of PR performed on the 12th September action of solidarity with political prisoners in Turkey. Turkish pro-fascist regime ruthlessly prosecute all those who raise their voice of protest. Prisons are full of political prisoners, sentenced to long penalties, and every activity in opposition to the regime is subsumed under terrorism. However, the resistance of the people grow from day to day and there is a conflict between the masses and the police are becoming more frequent and more severe.

  Actions of members of PR was performed in front of the Turkish Embassy in Belgrade, under the slogan – RESISTANCE OF THE PEOPLE CAN NOT BE LOCK AWAY!

Call for a solidarity campaign with the struggle in Rojava

Rojava   In many parts of Syria, armed conflicts are lasting for more than two years. A movement for freedom, human rights and abolition of the state of emergency lasting since 1963 inspired by the people's uprisings in the Arabic countries rapidly turned into an armed conflict. In the war in Syria, on the one hand the Baath regime supported by Russia, China and Iran and on the other hand paid gangs and mercenaries like the “Free Syrian Army” supported by the Western imperialists, Turkey, Saudi Arabia and Qatar are facing each other. In this imperialist proxy war already more than 100 thousand people have been killed within the past two years. (Resolution of the European Continental Conference of the ICOR, 23 June 2013)

   Presently, US-imperialism as well as the UK and France are preparing a new military aggression in Syria by the NATO. The brutal war crime of using chemical weapons committed in the past days is nothing but a pretext for the US. US-imperialism itself never had any doubts about using the worst weapons but also lies for its war propaganda!

USA and NATO – Hands off Syria!

Ban and Dismantlement of all ABC-weapons!

Oppose any colonialist and imperialist aggression! Hands off Rojava!

Solidarity with the anti-imperialist and revolutionary liberation struggle of the people's masses!


balkan_2012  Balkan issues and how to resolve inter-ethnic problems among the Balkan people goes back almost two centuries, and this question remain open. The problem would be largely swept under the rug for decades, or with growing contradictions, burning up Balkan barrel of powder which thereby became global issue and led to open conflict between the interests of the most powerful forces. With a variety of people and historical delay in the formation of national consciousness in relation to other nations in Europe, the continuing economic backwardness and the significant geostrategic position, the region has been continuously most unstable part of Europe. Various imperialists through subsidiaries nationalist regime incited hatred among nations, and the ruling class of the Balkan peoples, serving the same imperialists, attempting to on blood of others and to the blood of their own people achieve their predatory interests. They still do that, and it seems that they does not change anything, or that can be changed. Still the Balkan peoples as a subordinate of the imperialists, and of the domestic capitalist, and today get killed in a dirty, senseless wars, and now they are persecuted in their homes under threat of a knife and bullets. Anyway, they are walking around the world with no identity, offering them self for a piece of bread, and today they are in the ranks of the losers in the vain hope of getting a job, and now they are ready to re-insert a new noose around his neck to escape from despair – just to change something.

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