Imperialism and the Balkans

shah  After the breakup of the Soviet Union, the attempt of the Western imperialists to establish hegemony and new world order failed. New imperialist centers of the capital concentration have been established. Instead of establishing it's hegemony all over the world, Western imperialism has become a subject of many attempts of subjugation by both supranational capital and ever stronger imperialist countries such as Russia, China, etc. On the other hand, the condition for the survival of the Western imperialism is not to allow the creation of other independent centers of imperialist power, even if it means entering trade or global war with them. That has been a tested tactics of all imperialists during the 20th century for solving their crises with a war export and creation efforts, and also with the additional strengthening of their military-industrial power. We are currently witnessing three basic world processes – an attack on the unity of the Western imperialism in the service of supranational capital which aims to overcome it's own crisis for the purposes of destroying the existing financial system in order to preserve global financial domination and the foundations of capitalism themselves, closure and formation of pacts within imperialist countries among the attacks of the supranational capital and their attempts to split the world once more, and the movement of the masses and their resistance on the global scale, that both supranational capital and leading imperialist countries are trying to control.

  Balkans is once more an interesting region in the forementioned processes. Special needs of the regimes on the Balkans do not play almost any role in all of that, because they are corrupt puppet regimes that don't have any military power and are in the position of debt bondage. Debt bondage, debt crisis is only interesting from the viewpoint of blackmail and subjugation of some countries, which has been presented by the comrade from Greece. In that way, the debt of the countries that have appeared out of Yugoslavia has grown multiple times if we compare it to former Yugoslavia that owned 20 billion dollars, while the debt of the today's countries is 10 times bigger. That doesn't make a fundamental difference in regards to the internal economical matters – they are in a a dosed debt bondage that leads to the exaustion of the masses and the countries to the bring of bankruptcy, and it is prolonged indefinitely using the already tested means, so the new circle of borrowing and draining of resources can begin.

  The most interesting thing for us is the question on when will the imperialists start to provoke new conflicts in the Balkans? We say imperialists, because regimes in the Balkans are not capable of doing that by themselves – militarily, materially, nor the masses are ready to support them in any wars.

  In our opinion, that is the moment when, apart from uncontrolled expansion of conflict from the Middle East, Western Imperialists will understand that without further conflict they cannot complete the domination over the Balkans, and that the influence of the Russian, Chinese, even Turkish imperialism has reached the level when new conflicts come in the way of their expansion, as well as when the USA estimates that this would be in their interest because of their own strategic interests (renewed disciplining of Turkey and continuation of occupation of Europe). On the other hand, the Russian imperialists will try to provoke conflicts if they realize that they will be completely pushed away from the Balkans, that is, if they had to alleviate the pressure of the Western imperialism in other places of their utmost interest.

  Besides, one has to take into consideration the position of the EU and USA (NATO) and contradictions within themselves; the question is whether the EU will follow the path of the independence in relation to the USA and NATO in military and economic terms, and if it is capable of carrying it out, and whether the USA is trying to destroy the EU and Euro, in order to maintain their domination, the value of the dollar, etc. We are the witnesses that the military presence of the USA in Europe is increasing, instead of decreasing, and the same could be said of the Russian imperialists. This means that the interests of the USA and Russia in Europe are in opposition to each other, but at the same time the two countries continue to enter a pact about sharing the loot.

  It is a fact that it is only the USA who can control the Balkan countries by the means of NATO. Whether or not a temporary agreement between the USA and Russia is possible, or the new clash between the interests of the USA and Russia will ensue, depends on their relations in global terms, or to be more precise, the relations between Russia-USA-China. The old strategy of the Western imperialism is to break the coalition between Russia and China, in order to deal with both countries one by one.

  Russia is trying to militarily penetrate Balkan via Serbia, and especially helps Turkey gain independence from the Western imperialism. China is using empty space in the Balkan for the purposes of bigger economical penetration into Europe from the South.

  However, for the current events the most important thin is the relation and the odds in Turkey, that is, will the events and the new escalation of the war in the Middle east delay the confrontations on the Balkan itself, or will the events with Turkey, Iran and Syria only sharpen the situation in the Balkans, and increase the tensions between Turkey and Greece, etc.

  War in the Balkans is inevitable, but not as consequence of the contradictions between the Balkan countries, because they are not greater in relation to some previous period (nationalism is getting smaller, a horrible demographic situation, class relations aren't too emphasized, economic conditions are controlled by outside agents, there is no revolutionary subject, lack of material resources for warfare, rejection of masses to take part in war, etc.).

  What are the points of those conflicts?

  First and foremost, the relationship between Turkey and Greece if Turkey is forced to distance itself even more from the West (e.g. Turkey can't be in NATO equipped with the Russian S-400 weapons, partial or complete substitution of dollar, etc.).

  Second, the position of the Albanian people in terms of the unification or borders with other countries.

  Third, the Macedonian question and destabilization of Macedonia.

  Fourth, new attempts to break up Bosnia and Herzegovina and destabilization of Sandžak.

  There are many more points (internal conflicts in Croatia and Serbia, also one should not forget the proximity of Romania and breakout of conflicts in Moldavia and the Black Sea and their influence on the Balkans).

  In global terms one can observe rapid preparations and militarization for a global war. New imperial alliances are created over night. New trade wars are waged and new agreements on the division of the world are made. The world financial system is shaking and the most powerful countries are preparing for the "day after", when the system is completely destroyed (accumulation of gold, creation of new currencies, etc.).

  PR considers that the Third world war is already under way in various forms, and it is inevitable that it will escalate in a short time. We are completely convinced that the Balkans cannot be exempt from that war. The only question is about the scale of that conflict.

  That is why our politics, the politics of all the revolutionary forces should be aimed at the mobilization of the masses for the peace in the Balkans. But in order for this mobilization to be successful, it should be guided in more radical terms against the Balkan puppet regimes, that is, we should engage in a more aggressive anti-imperialist politics.

  In its anti-imperialist politics, PR sees the presence of NATO in the Balkans – its occupation of the Balkans – as the main enemy for the Balkans peoples. The defeat of the NATO in the Balkans, which would mean the defeat of the Western imperialists, will accelerate and strengthen the resistance of the Balkans peoples to other imperialists and will make that struggle easier.

The Balkans to the Balkans peoples.

Towards Balkan resistance movement!