May Day

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 The struggle of the masses against the dictatorship of capital is spreading, but in response the regime is increasing the level of repression and showing its readiness to defend capitalism by all means.

   This year’s May Day protests show that the dissatisfied and disenfranchised masses around the world are well aware of their class position. However, the power of imperialism and the dictatorship of capital assist the ruling class in furthering their dictatorship, by provoking new wars and conflicts between nations. This is in fact the very condition for the maintaining of capitalism –increasing the intensity of their dictatorship along with the provoking of and waging new wars.

   The situation is changing even on the territories of the former Yugoslavia, with May Day processions carrying signs in Belgrade with the slogans “Do Not Walk – Bosnia, Bosnia!”, “Only Revolution”, “General Strike”, “Not Evolution – Revolution!” or in Tuzla: “Demolish the Dictatorship of Capital”, ”Death to Capitalism! Freedom to the people!”. These slogans both encourage the fighting spirit of the disenfranchised masses, as well as help preserve the peace between nations. The massive turnout of workers for this year’s May Day protests in comparison to years past is a sign that Serbia will not be pacified easily.

   The belief that in the struggle against the dictatorship of capital all means should be used must become a driving belief within the masses, with the explicit aim of the historical defeat of capitalism. Viewed from the basic human and class needs, imperialism has not only become a constant source of brutal exploitation, repression, and wars, but also a threat to the very survival of humanity.

   A group of revolutionary leftists during the May Day union protests in Belgrade unfurled a banner at the head of the column of union protestors which read: “DO NOT WALK – BOSNIA, BOSNIA!” initially police in plain clothes first attempted to thwart this act, and later riot police seized the banner. At that time the police blocked the movements of this group, while one member of the group was detained and kept at a police station.

   The aim of this group was to point out the connection between the heads of the unions and the regime, the defeatist role they play the dictatorship of capital, as well as to call on the workers of the union to actively take actions against the corrupt leadership of their unions and the dictatorship of capital itself, which is for them every day more and more unbearable and destructive. This situation cannot be changed with a walk, but rather an active class struggle. This is why there is an emphasis on the slogan – “Bosnia, Bosnia!” as a reminder to the example set by the Bosnian masses when they started their revolt. This is a call for the workers and the oppressed in Serbia to use the Bosnian revolt as an example by which to begin the long struggle for the return of their dignity and fundamental workers’ rights.