Statement of Partija rada 190106

Activities at the 3rd Congress of PR have been concluded.

The ideological line has been determined, as well as the PR ideological and organizational principles, certain specific tasks have been specified and the new leadership of the party has been elected for the next period.


Ideological line of PR

Centralization and concentration of capital with the goal of putting the whole world under control has come into contradiction with the development of productive forces. This centralization and the present technology level are an obstacle for the further functioning of capitalism, or for further development of humanity in existing social relations. Capitalism has lost the ability to overcome its cyclical crises and to delay its collapse. These crises are fundamental and permanent.

Imperialism today has only grown in its form, and all its contradictions have become more pronounced and more visible.

The enormous technological development has not changed the position of the proletarian masses. Manners of exploitation and oppression are gaining new forms, but the wage labour in capitalist production remains the same.

Globally, the increased number of proletarian masses and the increase of the level of exploitation lead to an intensification of class struggle at all levels. The intensification of class struggle leads to the intensification of the ideological struggle in the revolutionary subject of the proletariat.

 Program Objectives of PR

Struggle for the victory of proletarian consciousness in the masses.

Participation in the class struggle of the masses against capitalism with the aim of unifying the struggle and bringing it to a higher level.

Participation in the creation and leadership of the revolutionary movement in the Balkans for conducting an anti-imperialist struggle for liberation and the struggle against the dictatorship of capital.

Organizational principles of PR

The party has a planned structure with the leading role of PR leadership and the support of the entire membership, and its work is based on the absolute equality of all its members.

The party is structured as an illegal organization, while also using legal forms of organization in the masses.

Its method of action depends on the strength of the organization and the movement, the strength of the class enemy and the historical circumstances, while it also proclaims the use of all forms of force necessary for achieving the program objectives on the path of the liberation of the proletariat.