PR opinion – Macedonia on a crossroad

makedonija i grcka 01  Communists have long taken a clear stand on the Macedonian national question and their right to defend their independence and name. Every attempt by Bulgarian, Greek and Serbian nationalists to deny the existence of a Macedonian nation was condemned. Even today communists condemn all attempts by the Balkan regimes to try to achieve their petty chauvinistic interests at the expense of the people of Macedonia, fighting on the side of imperialists.

  The question of choosing the name for the country in which to live is the question of which answer can be given only by its citizens.

  The existing agreement reached by the governments of Macedonia and Greece over the name is formally in the interest of the peoples of these countries, but it is essentially brought under the dictation of imperialists and their current interests. Of course, this dictatorship continues to pursue the rights of the Macedonian, Albanian and other masses.

  It is completely unacceptable to use the coming referendum so that the people of Macedonia officially recognize the occupation of the NATO Pact and the EU imperialists.

  We support all the progressive forces that are fighting for the freedom of Macedonia and Greece, against the NATO forces and all imperialists. It is the duty of all to break of the myth that the Balkan peoples can not resist these forces. The unity of the people of Macedonia, Greece and other peoples in the Balkans can not be built under covert chauvinism, neither under the dictates of the imperialists or the placing under the NATO boot. Only the united and equal peoples of the Balkans can free themselves from the dictatorship of capital and imperialism.

  For the unity of the Balkan peoples in resistance to imperialism!

  With Balkan resistance movement!