PR opinion – Protests in Serbia

lanci6  When it seemed that in Serbia everything has completely died out, considering movement of the masses and resistance to the system of oppression, the masses are back on the streets.

  Whether these protests are spontaneous or organized by someone, it is not so relevant now. We are not going to analyze who can be the ‘organizor’. Our goal is to find the cause of this movement, its ideas and forces as well as the results we can expect.

  The main reason for these protests is the bad socio-economic status of the people. Students in Serbia have lost all their hope that life for them here will be any better. Within many ordinary people there is a wish to “fulfill” their life goals in acceptable economic conditions, where they will get the chance to live a decent life, and that dream had been presented to them – that they will live in “European welfare” and in “Serbia with Europen values”. And the students were always ready to accept that neoliberal myth of “happy life”. But now everything collapsed in front of their very eyes. Europe has changed and become something else, it embraced fascism, and there are many conflicts within, and this kind of “welfare” in so longer available to everyone. At the same time this neoliberal dream in Serbia, where it was constantly promoted by the dictator and servant of capital, Aleksandar Vučić, started to break into pieces and all his lies emerged so clear on the surface. And all of his lies could keep on going were there not something else in the masses. Because of the global political situation and because it is suitable for the capital, one-party dictatorship started to be implemented; or better to say the dictatorship of one man with his clique around him whom the imperialist support. Dictatorship in which they do not even respect the essential rules of former bourgeois democracy. These dictatorships preserve its rule using a brutal force. That is the case not only in Serbia, but in many other countries in the world and it is a well known reaction of the world of capital on order to save and preserve the foundations of its existence.

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